A fishermens’ house of the XVIII century. Adjacent and connected, yet independent from the main building.

I immediately perceived a completely different mood. Maybe because of the different materials, so rawand consumed, wisely cleaned and restored without being deprived of the centuries-old patina. The “cotto” tile or stone floors, the irregular walls,the lake-stone stair.

And the essential yet refined decoration, mixed with portraits, old photos and collectibles.

The small secret garden over the boat-house offers an unexpected point of view on the lake and the surrounding mountains.

A special energy. A different experience without changing the setting.

Casa Bianca, originally home of fishermen in the 1700 hundreds is now a unique dwelling where its ancient charm coexist with contemporary furnishings and modern comforts. While offering only two bedrooms, this house has a great kitchen,access to the garden and an exclusive terrace on the lake.. For more info click here.