I woke up at dawn to see if early mornings in this corner of the world are truly special. The air is crisp and full of energy, the light, “luce” in Italian, seems to have gathered all here, drawn to this property that bears its name, like the spotlight on a stage.

These people. The members of the family that had lived in this dwelling for so many years, aren’t strangers to me. I felt like having been greeted by a benevolent hospitality. An invitation to fully enjoy my stay here. I walk, read, eat, swim and sleep in a place that I consider my own.

Every window, every opening at Villa Luce yields to the water, sky, nature. Walking up and down these stairs varies the perspective yet not the unchangeable beauty that surrounds me.

Villa Luce welcomed me like an appreciated guest, in a fresh and bright setting where each and every detail has been carefully chosen and the patina of time has been preserved.

Villa Luce, a wonderful dwelling built in 1840 is the main building. Arranged on three floors and divided in generous and carefully furnished spaces. On the ground floor the visitor is welcomed by an enchanting entrance – an open hallway that unveils an amazing view of the lake and leads to the garden. The living room, with its ancient fire-place and the wide windows offers captivating views in every season of the year.

The kitchen gracefully marries the modern and the pragmatic with classic details – fully equipped, spacious and fit to work on new, exciting recipes. Exclusive, intimate – the fumoir with a view.

The hand-painted wallpaper and the large French window set the perfect relaxing mood for this lake-view room.